Criticism Policy

This page was created by staff in order to preside over critique as a whole. It determines a better organization, how you are supposed to treat critique, and whether your entry is posted or not. This policy is enforced by staff. If you feel that someone has violated any of the rules below, don't hesitate to report it.

Receiving Critique:

  • Be patient. Anybody offering to hand to you their feedback is trying to help you by sacrificing a portion of their free time. It is okay to ask for updates or to ask the critic to drop their critique, but you are expected to act patiently and with reason in these regards.
  • Don't overlap. Do not for any reason ask for feedback from multiple people at once without permission from all of them.
  • Try to apply it. It is completely fine to disagree on parts of the feedback received, but please refrain from asking for it again from the same critic if you are not going to apply it. It wastes both the critic's and your time.
  • Do not spam. Remember, the more insisting you make yourself look, the less likely you'll receive feedback, so be careful.

Giving Critique:

  • Make it in-depth. Do not fill forum threads with small comments, as it will then preserve the thread at the top of the list. People from the outside will see it as a thread with already enough feedback. Remember: if you don't give the draft a good chance, it may never have it. If you nonetheless prefer giving the author small suggestions, take it to PMs instead.
  • Care about concept and execution. Hello! I'm ForestIsWatchingForestIsWatching, and I've been in several fictional writing communities. I kid you not, most people seem to overlook this part of the policy. Now tell me… what's the point in giving grammatical corrections if the concept is to be completed/the draft is to be better executed anyway? Please, if you see a draft that didn't receive this feedback, give it. If the draft received no feedback at all, it must be concept/execution-related first.
  • Be harsh, not mean. This is self-explanatory. Feel free to be as much harsh as you deem necessary, but making rude comments — both on drafts and on-site articles — is not tolerated. Same applies when mentioning the author specifically. Do not state things like "you are a horrible author" or "just trash this shit" because that won't push the author in order to improve — it will only discourage them from writing again.
  • Act responsibly. Do not offer to give critique and never finish it. Do not ghost people just because they didn't know your requirements for critique — just like, tell them.


  • Once the draft has received a total of 1 conceptual checks, 1 format check, and 1 grammatical checks, you may message a greenlighter about it.
  • Go to any of the site's co-owners or staffers and receive the final approval.
  • Post your draft to the site!

That's it. We hope you have fun creating new entries for this wiki and that you have a generally good experience.


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