Basic Requirements:

  • You are expected to be at least 15 years old before engaging in any activity within the site or Discord server.
  • You must be civil towards other members at all times.
  • No alt accounts. One account per person, one person per account.
  • No discriminatory language or material is tolerated here. Its presence will result in an immediate permanent ban of the offender.
  • No shitstirring, shittalking or trolling.
  • If a staff member makes a stop order, you are to listen.
  • No NSFW or pornographic content.
  • No vandalism.
  • Abide by Wikidot's Terms of Service. If you are unsure whether something breaks said terms, please refer to the links found in the footer above the license area at the bottom of any page.

Disciplinary Protocols:

If a member breaks any of the rules above, a few things will happen:

  • A warning. A staff member, either through a Wikidot PM, a Discord DM or a forum post, will tell you about the rule(s) you have broken and will tell you what will happen should you fail to abide.
  • Membership revokation. This acts as a stronger warning and the offender may reapply at any time. The server past code is doom their userpage with all of the attached child pages will then be scheduled for deletion, as a notice will be put on said page. Should deletion occur, the page source of each page will be sent through a Wikidot PM by a staff member.
  • A ban. Bans can range from one day to forever. Repeating the rule-breaking behavior will result in an extension of said ban. Creating an alt as to avoid the ban will result in an irrevocable permanent ban.

Things that will never result in disciplinary action:

  • Downvoting a page given own opinion.
  • Disagreeing with a member.
  • Disagreeing with staff.
  • Reverting unauthorized edits without telling staff.
  • Tagging others' pages.


Please refer to the Criticism Policy — it tells you about the critique process, how entries are approved, and how to treat critique in general.

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