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Transitions are, as the name suggests, transitory locations all connected together, forming the complex itself. Their dimensions are greatly limited, always abiding by what we know as euclidean geometry. However, at times, these locations have bounds not connected to anything. As such, it is sometimes risky to wander around, within an environment having one and only one scope; but finding it is up to the viewer, without which nothing here exists.

But back to what you are likely here for, transitions are merely segments connected via the nexus. They require a picture (can be a render, not a drawing) and an ending. They have to be connected with each other in a direct manner, spacially, and not one-way. Create and tweak as you desire, but keep what's liminal, well, liminal — nothing is chasing you. As for the nexus itself, it is something that connects all of these transitions into a grand complex. It isn't anything anomalous or nonsensical; rather, it's something supporting the complex from collapsing into a physically stable state. Every now and then, these writing rules will be updated, eventually pointing the wiki into a single direction, showing the meaning behind it. On a side note, the tone used must be clinical only in the portion where you explain the transition.

Without any further ado, have a good read, and happy writing!

Chapter 1

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