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The Nostalgia Nexus is a weirdcore/liminal space based project about an irreality external to our world. It is a single-canon wiki, subdivided in chapters for each page category — those being Transitions and Reports — each describing a tiny portion of the grand megastructure named Memoriae, that representing purely the consciousness of the individual documenting the surroundings. Each transition is merely a small area connected to the others, being sometimes hard to distinguish and therefore separate. This guide is meant to help you get started writing, tell you about the tone to be used, and give you a general understanding of this wiki. Mind you that these rules are subject to change, adding more and more restrictions the more chapters are complete.


Transitions are, as stated prior, tiny sections all interconnected. While each transition is accessible from any other, there is one exception — Press Start —, with a one-way exit leading to one of the many other transitions. A transition is usually greatly limited in dimensions, but outdoor areas do exist and may extend for long distances. Another peculiarity is that transitions are finite. They can be as large as you want, even undiscoveredly gigantic, but they must have edges. Additionally, transitions as of now do not host any life forms within, but that is going to be changed in the future should the first chapter be completed.



Transitions of this kind are generally stable environments, resembling transitory spaces from our world. They may contain slight peculiarities, but nothing prominent or generally visible. These tend to be the smallest, being mostly motionless. The viewer may stand within them for as long as necessary, as the environment is never to pose a physical or mental threat.


It isn't a mandatory format, but the one used should always resemble it.

[[=image source style="whatever"]]

+++ **Type:** Default / Shattered / Abstract
+++ **Sound:** any adjective + none/low/high/ear-breaking
+++ **Style (optional):** any adjective that would describe one or two prominent characteristics

[!-- It is greatly recommended to put these characteristics within a div block. --]


Describe here. Any tone save for the second person.


++ Extras
Anything else you'd like to add that you feel is pertinent to the article.
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